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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


IZA:  I am best at payin attention to Grampa.  I like Beins.
Marley will come around and sniff his fingers sometimes, but thats mostly cuz he wants ANNYONE to open the deck door for him.  Ayla dodges him like plague, but she spends most of her time in the bedroom, so its tricky ta tell what she thinks, ya know?  I think its the tappy-cane Grampa uses that bugs her.
Grampa doesn't actally LIKE us much.  Oh, hes POLITE enough, but ya can tell...  When I am on HIS chair, he always makes me get off it.  Keep in mind that the chair was OURS afore he came here.  He has this "Im a BEIN and you're just a cat" attitude. 
Fortunately, he naps a lot during the day.  Unfortunately, hes in the chair when he does it (and he DOESNT let want us on his lap when hes there).