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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Gotcha Day

AYLA & IZA:   Its our Gotcha Day!  Same date, different years...  Skeeter and LC had the same arrangement, so we think TBT likes doin that (TBT:  It was deliberate with LC, but with Iza, it was just coincidental).

AYLA:  I arrived this day in 2008, so its my 5TH gotchversary.   This is a picture from my first day here.  Actally, I havent changed very much.

IZA:  And I arrived here this same date in 2009, so its my 4th Gotcha Day.  I was gonna be a Momma Cat for a Siamese-breeder lady, but when I got old enough, my colors were a bit smudgy, so I needed a home.  An she knew TBT was looking fer another meezer girl.  We only found out later that my colors were a bit "off" for a meezer cuz I am actally a Tonkineezer.  And my furs are JUST RIGHT fer that!
We dont have anny big party planned, and its raining out so theres no mousie-hunit.   But iffen annyone wants to come over, we just received CASES of foods, we got boxes and cat trees, and there are toys EVRYWHERE!

3:45 UPDATE:  We seem to have a party going on!  Some friends have ported over, and Eric&Flynn brought a box of mousies.  So we have invented a game...

TBT drops a mousie in the (dry, plugged) bathtub.  One kitty goes in and crouches down on the floor listening fer the mousie.  When the kitty thinks they know where it is (without seeing), it pounces in.  Ya hafta land ON the mousie (ya cant run or reach all around).

Then the mousie goes back in the box to rest an TBT puts a new one in fer the next kittehs turn!

We will eat the mousies later after all the games are over...

7:45 UPDATE:  The Mousie-In-The-Tub game has been a great success, with a never-ending line of participants.  But the mousies are all pretty exhausted  an we want them to "freshen up" for the final event.  Most evry kitteh managed to land on its mousie (no big surprise).  Even those not very familiar with live mousies did well.  A couple (who will not be embarassed by being named here)  missed theirs quite badly, but  Fresh Nip was involved so it is quite unnerstandable.

And, in fact, none of us know who they were.  Each participant entered the tub room alone, TBT closed the door, and dropped a mousie inna the tub.  In EVRY case, TBT opened the door and announced a successful pounce.  Only the kitteh, TBT, and the mousie know fer sure.  TBT wont talk, and the mousies cant tell us apart (and they wont be saying much of annything pretty soon)!

Boxes are being spread around next...

10:15 UPDATE:  Its been box fun lately (well, and eating foods).  Here I (Iza) am modeling the first box jump contest.  

The object was to jump from box to box creatively while never using the same box twice.  Several kittehs executed twisty jumps that amazed all of us.  The boxes were full of kittehs jumping from box to box showing off their moves.  

The fancy-wrapped box in the middle was most popular.  We were all especially amazed by a few kittehs who could toss a toy mousie in the air from being in one box to another and be there to catch it!  There were applausies all around!!!  Naturally, these pictures were taken befor the boxes were used, for clarity of display.
12:30AM UPDATE:  Its time to munch the mousies!  They have been kept away from nasty seed-foods, they are well exercized, and they are rested for play.  TBT is just gonna drop them in the various boxes and the tub, so we can just go all-out at them!  

Have FUN EVRYKITTY an thanks SO MUCH fer coming to our kinna surprise party!!!