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Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Mild Defense...

TBT here:  Yesterday, many cats hissed gently at me for not letting Marley or Iza bring the dead vole into the house.  I appreciate their desire that the Mews get to play with the vole inside the house.  And be sure that I love all you kitties for your mousing talents and all other ways.

In my defense, I am completely happy that the cats catch voles.  If the voles are alive (outside), I help them "not lose them" by being the "aerial surveillance" and giving the rodents a nudge when they hide too well.  I have tossed live and dead voles around to play with them (the cats).  When they sometimes lose interest in a live one, I stomp on the critters to 1) make sure they don't escape back to their burrows to raise more voles and 2) remind the cats I have a certain mousie lethality of my own.

The last time I let them bring a live rodent into the house, they managed to stuff the dead body onto a floor vent behind some drapes and it took me 2 days to find the heated rotting smelly carcass!  The vented air blew the smell all over so it took a while to locate.

In spite of that, I say let the mousie hunting continue!  Just outside...  LOL!