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Monday, January 21, 2013

Laptime Denied

IZA:  I wanted to get on TBTs lap the other evening, but Marley was there first.  I waited on the otto-man fer a while, but he dint show anny signs of leaving.
So, I tried my lazers.  That dint do anny good...
 I started to go whap him or bite his ear, but then I remembered that even if that DID get him to leave (and he tends to whap back) TBT would get all annoyed and make ME leave too!
So I settled back down to wait.
And wait...  And wait...
The waiting dint do me anny good.  Before EITHER of us left, TBT himself got up to go wash dishes!  I had to wait until he went to bed to get anny time on him.