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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Strangers In The Yard!!!

OMG, there were strange Beins crawlin all OVER our yard!  TBT warned us that there were gonna be some trees cut apart, so we couldnt go out today, but we had NO IDEA it was gonna be like THAT!

They made 7 BIG trees fall COMPLETELY over, and the trees made a HUGE THUD when they hit the ground.  Then they cut the trees (including the one what fell on its own a few weeks ago) into 6' long logs.  They CARRIED the logs (so big TBT said he COULDNT lift one hisself) all the way out to the street.  Where they fed them into a machine that took the logs in one end and spit a stream of chips out the other into a big truck  It was very loud!

Then when they were done with the trees, they drove in a machine that chewed the one big fallen-over-tree stump to sawdust!  Funny, it WASNT loud...

TBT put all the pictures HERE.

We would love to go out and look, but TBT says we cant go out all week.  The temperature is 25 degrees and he says it won't get higher than that for days.  Then we might get "lots of snow".

So heres a Tuesday Tummy picture...