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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Computer Problems

We are having computer problems.  SOMEBODY knocked over a drink at the computer Wensday night.  While it did not seem to touch the computer, it immediately went dead.

TBT has set up the old computer and barely got it to let us come here.  It makes a racket an doesnt do evrything it should.  It may be a few days before we are back online.  We think there is a pre-scheduled post fer Friday, but it doesnt mean we are really back yet.

See you all as soon as we can!

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Its time to start the Garden Season again!  YAY!  I saw the first crocus bloom a few days ago but I waited til today to announce it (it being Garden Tour Thursday and all).  I think it might be regretting its early awakening though.  The temps are suddenly gone from 50s to 20s!  And there were all this guys Toosday hauling off the trees and stomping heavy on the lawn.  (TBT says they were there for the trees, but I think they were there to flatten the lawn, and they sure did a good job)

But there was 2 crocuses.  Heres one.
And they survived the stomping.  Sometimes it is good to be small an inconpikew inkonspik hard to see!