Friday, January 25, 2013

The Vet

MARLEY:  I hadda go to the VET again wensday (I waited til today for respect of the crocus in Garden Tour Thursday).  Im a good boy and try not to complain, but Wensday was awffuller than usual.

See, TBT usally puts the PTU out early so we can panick and hide and get over it til he picks us up all unsuspectinglike hours later.  And he is good at putting the PTU on the cat tree some we cant push it back AND there is no place to stand in front.

But he messed up this time.  He went SHOPPING first.  He FORGOT the VET thing!  Normally, that would be a GOOD THING, but he came home just in time to remember.  So the PTU came out SUDDENLY and we all ran.  I hid UTB.  He told me firmly that he dint have TIME for that so I hid best.

He closed the bedroom door and shoved a MOP UTB and when I finally ran out to the door (trying to grab the openy-thing) he grabbed me.  And he had the PTU just sitting on the table.

I was able ta push it away as he tried to shove me (gently guide him) into it.  Which upset him...  So he opened the top, and I wasn't going in THAT way either!  In fact, I twisted around in his arms and laid a good couple of claws into his neck!!!  Not deep, but I did get some blood.

Unfortunately, that meant I was on my back, so he could shove me (set him down gently) into the PTU.  But then he couldnt let GO of me and close the top without my claws getting him.

He is UNBELIEVABLY SNEAKY!  He was still wearing his outside jacket, so he pulled one hand up into the sleeve and held me down with that until he got the OTHER hand up into the sleeve and while he pressed me down with one handless unclawable sleeve he put the top down and slid the FIRST unclawable sleeve out as he shut it. 

I usally love him dearly, but sometimes he is DESPITABLE!  I mean, he does NOT fight fair...  I had all 4 paws-of-claws up and I couldnt do anything useful in my defense.  He should at LEAST make his flesh available!

So off we went (TBT fergot his camera fer once).  I yelled better than usual on the way cuz I was so  agitately, ya know?  I got carried into the VET office and they brought me in.  I got pulled out the top (mousie-curses on those top-opening PTUs!) and set down on the cold metal table.  The VET helper went to prepare the shot (this was all just for a shot, not the full routine, apparently) which is #2 of 3, so I can go outside again.

I was there on the cold metal table alone with TBT so ya know what I did?  I attacked him all claws went to him and hid my face in his armpit and shivered.  An ya know what HE did (still bleeding slightly)?  He comforted me, told me it would be OK, made those little tongue-click noises at me, stroked my furs, promised we would be home soon, said I would get extra treats, and surrounded me with those weerd long arms gently.

What else could I do but calm down?

A few minutes later the VET came in (a replacement LADY VET) and held me a minute.  Gee, she is softer than Dr Jeffrey!  I got weighed, got looked at and felt up and unner (teef, heart bumps, guts).  Then got my shot.  No temperature thing thing this time (thank cod).

I RAN into the PTU as soon as I was released!  When we got home, I got lots of treats and then ran and hid fer days (about an hour).  And we ALL got fed early.

Ive had better days, but I was home safe and sound once more.