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Thursday, January 31, 2013

While We Are Away 5

LC is watching a squirrel avidly...  I only know that now because I USED TO label pictures descriptively.
She always wanted one, but (to my knowledge) she never caught one.  When Jeremy (my parents' cat, who used to stay with us for the Winter while the folks went to FL) would tell Skeeter and LC about the squirrels he caught in NH (documented by photos), they would both get SO jealous!

In fairness to their hunting abilities, Jeremy caught those smaller red squirrels up north.  He never caught one of our large feisty gray squirrels here either!

And we have our new computer up and running.  But TBT said that since we had this Golden Oldie's Week going, we might as well finish it.  And besides, since it has a fancy new operating system, there are some settings adjustments he is trying to make.  You wouldn't BELEEVE how ugly and aggressive the email is!  He wants to learn how to tone it down a squillion degrees before he starts using it again.  It wants to steal a LOT of information.  Well HE thinks, annyway.