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Friday, February 01, 2013

Seem To Have Forgotten Something

MARLEY:  I just realized today that I should be annoyed at TBT.  Let's see, Jan 22 we had the trees cut down after they cancelled for the 21st.  Jan 23rd I went to the V-E-T, then we had computer problems.  What COULD we have forgotten?

It was Jan 22nd, and he forgot ALL about it!  Yeah, yeah, I know, he was busy, he was distracticated, he had things ta worry about...  So what?  It was ONLY my 2nd Gotcha Day, a day what will NEVER happen again.

He is all sorry about it and promised me lots of treats tonight, but Im still not happy.  So I get neat pictures of my first day here put up.

Here I am looking out the open PTU the first moment inside the safety room.  I wasnt really sure I wanted to come out...

I could hear and smell other kitties outside the door, so I kept my head down at the opening and listened and sniffed.  After a while, I heard someone sniffing back, but she hissed a little and left.  2 of them kept coming to the door and sniffing.  Sometimes they DINT hiss.

Other than that, I considered it a pretty nice place to stay.  There was a climbing thing with different levels and a cave at the bottom.  I really liked it in there.  TBT came in often to play with me and bring me food and clean the litter box.
When I was allowed out, I actually got along with the sisters pretty quick.  Theres just something about me that relaxes others.

Hmmm, given how nice the past 2 years have been, I guess I'll forgive him fer forgetting my Gotcha Day.  It just better not happen again...