Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Lovin The Ess...

IZA:  I love the Ess!  Well, who doesn't?
Ya gotta really dig into it sometimes.  I go into the DEEPEST PARTS sometimes.
And resting on it is great too. 

About The New Banner...

TBT says theres a story to it. We dont really care.  But its HERE iffen ya wanna read about it.

Meanwhile, we are having fun watchin Iza stare out the door into the night.  She insists there is "somethin"out there.  We looked an there isn't.  She has been a bit nipped lately.  TBT stuffed her favrit shrimp toys in a small container of nip and she has been seeing things since.

Oh say can you see (by the stars-mangled banner) what she is seeing?

We sure cant...  But she insists, and sometimes she just mutters "Spittikins, Spittikins" so we lick her head and talk nice to her...   We havent the heart to tell her she is staring Southeast, not West!

Sometimes there is just NO accounting fer sisters.  ~ Marley