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Friday, February 08, 2013


MARLEY:  We all wanted to get out this morning, but we hesitated at the door.  It was WET!  Even worse, while we were decidin whether to actually go out, it started ta sprinkle again!

Iza and I did go out, but we tried to stay unner the edge of the roof.  It was a bit crowded though.  I took off in the other direction and got unner the deck...
Iza decided having wet paws was worse than misty-coated furs so she got up on a planter.
Pretty soon, TBT called us and Iza was right there waiting.  I hesitated a few minnits, but decided it wasnt worth staying out just ta be a few feets closer to the birdies.  Besides, whenever we come inside when called, TBT gives us treats.  So even iffen it WAS only 5 minnits, technicly we WERE out.

So yeah, we got treats...