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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Yes To The Ess 2!

IZA:  An Ode to the Ess...

Oh Ess, sweet Ess,
I say to you "yes".

My constant enjoyment
My pleasenment Ess!

I love you to pieces
And to pieces you are.

Your mostly all fuzz now,
And I don't know how.

TBT admires my destructive ways,
So long as it's Ess-aimed, he always does say.

He picks up the fuzzies I rip from its guts,
And I do enjoy that but yet you know what?

 I care for my Ess toy, and give it a spin,
Cuz that's the way only I keep it in trim.

You see I know Ess toy, We both do agree.
That I sure knows it, and it sure knows me. 

I've near worn it out, and its near worn out me
But I get more energy day and in night.

Each day I'll go after the Ess in the day,
 and nightly it calls when TBTs away
I'll go at again, again, again, again and yet again.

Each kitty wonders just how nice the Bridge will really be.
To shred, to claw, to tear apart the Ess forever for to me.
But I know that it will have the lovely Esses endlessly!

TBT says so, and I will agree.