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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day, and Hopes

A Valentines to you, my dearest royalness Spitty King...

Dearest Spittikins, I told TBT that I wanted him to send you a bouquet of fishies from me to you, but he dint get it quite right!

I fear these are NOT real fishies.  I can only hope they become real ones in the sending.  Oh, if they don't, however will I express my deep and abiding love for you.  Even worse, how will I ever beat out all those hussies who are after you only for your car, your newly plump tummy and yer exquisite furs.  Oh wait, I want those too.

But I mean who else would have sufferred loved  going camping with you, gone through the horrible exciting Halloween adventure, and the scarey eciting furrari car with you?

Oh Spitty, King Spitty, may I become your queen?  Or am I doomed to be just another "girlcat-in-waiting"?

Neither of us are getting any younger, ya know?

I have so much to offer.  Tummy, toesies, ears, whisker-humps.  Indeed, I surely have the best whisker-humps ever.  Great traits to pass down to the next generation.  Oh wait, I can't do that.  Oh, and you can't either.  Hmmm...  Well then, we will adopt!

We will have 5, no 10 little spittikins and spitty-girls (adopted of course) who look or don't look like us all around us all the day!  Won't that be GRAND?  I can hardly wait.

Oh, imagine the wedding.  You will be on display fer ALL the other girlcats to see.  They will be SO dressed up, in like orange and burgandy, with ourageously puffy dresses and it will be spectacular!  I can't wait.

To make things easy, here is the ring I want:
over-the-top engagement ring

I'll have to wear it around my paw, of course.  Its WAY to big for a toe.  5 or 6 carrots, I think.  It might take you ages to pay it off, but I'm worth it.

You get a difernt one, of course. Lots simpler, but matching.

You choose that one...

Your Iza Lambie-Ambie-Dambie

And for your eyes only...