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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

OK, The Secret

IZA:  Evrykitty wants to know how I killed the flashy-box camera.  It was a accident, but I remember how it happened.  So I'll esplain the procedure...

First, it helps iffen you are clumsy.  Jumpin up on places when ya dont know what is there seems to be important, especially iffen ya arent good at dodging objects that are yer landing place.

Second, bulk matters.  Skinny little pests sisters like Ayla can step over stuff soft as butterflies as they land on higher surfaces, but iffen you are "pleasingly plump", you can shove evrything infront of you like a snowplow.

Third, with enough bulk, you cant really be blamed too much fer not stopping too quickly.  F=M*A and all that (TBT told me that afterwards, though I only know it means its hard to stop moving forward when you get going).

Fourth, this is the important part.  It helps to have a habit of jumping to where you last saw yer Beins hands.  That means his attention is there, so there is a better chance of getting scritchies and fur-strokes. 

In the case of the camera, it meant that when he put it down on the half wall over the stairs, my attention was drawn to there and I jumped to that spot.  I dint KNOW it was the camera he had just set down there.  Im glad it was, though.  Sometimes ya get lucky!

So when I jumped from the table to the half wall where I last saw TBT hands, I slid a bit and shoved the camera right over the edge.  DOWN onto the stairs.  Eight feet down. 

It banged real good!

Apparently, it messed up the camera.  The skin popped loose, the pictures all got blurry, they rotated funnily, and the eye of it doesnt werk most times.

There is a new one on the way.  It seems there are secret places that are dedicated to making sure evry Bein has a flashy camera at all times.  Who knew?  I thought the Beins had to build them themselves or something at great effort and it took a long time. 

But MEBBE, just MEBBE, iffen we ALL start deliberately knocking the Beins cameras to the floor, we can break more cameras then the Beins in the secret places can build!  For a while, there might be NO pictures taken because there would be NO flashy cameras!  Oh what a wunnerful world that would be...

Notice there are no pictures of me in this post, fer example...