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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Puffy Tail!

AYLA: I cant find if this was used.  We are going back a month fer pictures til the (new Mousie-awful NEW flashy) arrives.  *sigh*. 

One of my BEST puffs...  I amember it.  I was just walkin along and TBT scraped his sneaker-skweeky-shoe on the floor right behind me.  Ruined my whole night...  I DINT amember that he got a picture of me...

He thinks I look funny like this.  At the time, I thought he is gonna feel "funny" when I tread on his back with my claws "just" out...

And fer current accuracy, yes, I DID do that...  Paybacks are hell.  And Im the grrlcat to DO it.