Thursday, February 28, 2013


We was asked about TBT saying "bad werds" about the camera battery being the wrong one.

YES he did.  Many.  Most of which we dont know.  So we could use some help in figurrin them out.

1.  Razzle-Frazzle!
2.  *******
3.  Drat!
4.  Mousie-Droppings!   (OK, we know THAT one)
5.  %$)@%*
6.  FTC
7.  aowpqrjetngk q3rfg 
8.  *** ** ****
9.  "I oughta ...
10.  (And best) "I'll send it back to them attached to a cinder block COD"!*

We know 3, 4, and 9 a bit...

* TBT was channelling Grampa, back in the day when SOME thins could (apparently) be sent where you PAID the postal clerk to receive an item in the mail.  Pay no attention to him, he is losing it.


Lest there be no pictures, here are "Marley-lumps-unner-the-blankies"...

The swimming elephant...  Body, legs, trunk, ears...
The plesiosaur... Flippers, long neck, body, tail...