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Friday, March 01, 2013

Dr Seuss Day

In Honor Of Dr Seuss Day...

I was driving my old-fashioned car down the block,
When it started to rattle, it started to rock.
So I pulled the thing over and started to walk.
When I saw a strange house and gave it a knock.

A strange old guy answered, sweet as could be,
And asked if he could do some helping for me.
I explained that my auto-car seemed kind of lame,
And he said that he had quite just the like of the same.

“Come right here” he assured me, and we will embark
On a journey that’s sure to seem quite like a lark.
But I happen to have the right products, you see,
To make evrything just as quite fine as a bee.

And the point of a bee, I will tell you, my friend
Is just what we need here, a start to an end.
For I’ve run out of poems, and if you’ll forgive,
I need a new start, for to new ones to give.

I’ve seen better subjects, he said with a pause,
But I’ll give you a chance, and only because,
There’s something about you that gets in my chin,
So please come right in and we’ll give it a spin.

He said in deep thought (after thinking a minute),
“You aren’t in a car, it’s a burrowing flidgit”
“In fact it is not sitting there just on the street”
“Its just there cuz it came from below to our feet”.

“And YOU should be writing this tale, to be told,
Of the car that arose from the dark and the mold”.
Of course it can be so much better than that,
So lets give it some wings and a tie and a hat!

Thats better you see, than that sad old jalopy.
Now it has style, a gait, and gernoply
On all those sad tired boring old copies,
That drive on the road with their boomin conpoplies.

For your start, he said hopefully, how should we look,
At the sad awful boredom of all the mcGurks?
The Fridlows, the Borguns, the Trilks beyond measure,
When Glorpons and Greetures are what you should treasure?

I tried to explain I just needed a phone.
But that kindly old gent would not let me alone. 
He said (and I quote) “There is no time to waste,
There is so much in words that you need yet to taste.

He broke words in pieces in ways not defined,
And brought them together in new words refined.
There were fripplebats, forpits, and latterly-stills.
And timbats, and waylors and furperadills.

My mind reeled asunder, yet under his spell,
I began to see frupets and cupets and mells!
Frupets, and cupets, and mells and their word!
The beautimous words that I ever did heard.

And bless the old codger, I saw with surpise,
That the forpits and waylors had found a great prize.
In his garage with old gadgets piled high.
And they fixed the old car with a wink and and a “Hi”.

The old man just smiled and said with a wink,
You’ll think of these friends when they tell you to think,
Of some long-forgot memories time on a time
When accidents happen and be a good rhyme.

And as I left off in my new-working car.
I glanced at his mailbox (espied from afar),
I just should have known it, and dare I need tell,
The name on the mailbox?  Theodor Seuss Geisel...

Friday Flashback

MARLEY: While we are happily avoidin getting flashied waiting for the new camera's right battery to arrive, we are usin old pictures. 

One year ago today... 

We were admirin bootiful clumps of crocus in the edge of the flowerbed.
And inside, we were investigatin a pot of cat grass!