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Friday, March 08, 2013

Another Vet Visit

MARLEY:  From a couple weeks ago...  I hadda go back fer ANOTHER shot [TBT:  New series to establish it]

At least I got the larger PTU.
It still looks like prison out the front.
I got let out to wander around the torture room.  We actally DO like Dr Jeffrey but the accomodations are lacking some style...
I stayed close to TBT to keep him safe.  [TBT:  Marley jammed his head into my armpit for safety, and trembled].  I DID NOT!  I was trying to shove TBT out of the room in case he got shots too!  Um, yeah, that's my story and Im sticking with it.  
[TBT:  Its OK Marley, you're safe here with me...]

Whew...  Yes.  Yes I am.  But, can we just sneak out out here before Dr Jeffrey comes back with the needles?  I won't ask fer treats fer a week!  Just to make things easy on you at dinnertime, of course....

Now please?