Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Plant Hider

IZA:  I FOUND IT, I FOUND IT!!!  It was REAL tricky cuz it has no warmth to it, but I FOUND it!

I even broke down some leafs onna big plant getting at it.
It was impressive...  TBT wasnt too thrilled though. He liked the big plant leafs.
 But I had a "PURPOSE"...  See how I kept watchin the broke leaf? 
I could SMELL IT!  And I FINALLY pulled it out!

It looked a lot like THIS...
Some darn TOAD!
It smelled bad.  I TOLD TBT so, but he couldnt smell it.
But he recognized it.  Nasty old toad.  A sneaky one that hides fer the Winter in weerd places.  Like unner the BBQ cooker cover mostly.
Its the first time we found one IN the house.   I got rewarded with a whole HANDFUL of crunchies all to myself...  Nom, Nom, Nom...
Ayla tried to lay a claim to it fer some noms, but TBT knew I had been searchin and I had found it. He tossed it outside (with a bit of annoyance cuz its a really annoying toad even though he generally LIKES toads).

But no one of ya guessed a TOAD in the indoor plant!  And who WOULD have guessed a toad?