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Monday, March 11, 2013


OK, the past couple days, we posted about odd events and asked questions.  So here we provide answers...

MORE ESS FUN asked iffen you could guess why we were so innerested in the unnerside of the ESS Scratcher.  Sparkle had the right idea ("chicken"?) but Eric and Flynn got it righter and Derby and Ducky were right to agree, and the Celestial Kitties guessed "snacks" too.  It was TREATS.  Karen Jo was right that TBT tossed mousies around while he ate dinner, (good memory) but the treat-catch game is the new game.

You see, TBT has created a new game.  We only get dry crunchies as treats.  At first, just a few each in our own spots, then he started scatterring them across the kitchen floor and we would all grab them like Easter Eggs fast as we could.

Now, he has a small bowl of them on the TV tray where he eats his dinner watching science/nature DVDs.  He tosses them around the 2 rooms and we chase them.  ONE AT A TIME!  We're not so crazy about that, but the chasing is fun and he HAS learned to toss them so that we EACH get one every turn.

Marley is the best at it.  He can eat one while listening for where the others landed.  So We have to get after them fast or miss out.  TBT is getting sneaky these days.  He tosses one up high, one along the floor fast and drops one by his chair!  Alla same time... 

We were each developing specialties, but TBT changed the rools AGAIN!  NOW, he tosses them between us as best he can and when one of us reaches the first one, he tosses the other two so we need to go hunting.  Dont get upset, we are LOVING it.  Its almost like tiny teeny mousies runnin around the way they bounce funny in odd directions. 

Unner the ESS is one of the challenging places and makes better pictures (he says).  So thats the ones he showed.  Ayla doesn't like  the "unner the Ess ones" so much cuz she gets shoved away.  TBT makes sure she gets her share...

THE PLANT HIDER was explained a bit, but there is the matter of the toad.  Its a weerd toad.  It doesn't sit out waiting fer bugs to come by and grab.  We've never seen one out in the garden or yard.  It just seems to spend all its time hiding in weerd places.  We only see it when TBT takes the cover off the outdoor hot-as-hell cooker, or when he finds one hiding up inside a planting pot, or just this week TWO of them what hid on the most inside leafs on the household plants.

Its a weerd toad.  Its flat. It stays in artificial materials like BBQ grill covers.  It climbs like a frog, but it has rough skin like a toad.  It smells bad, it doesnt attempt to escape when TBT grabs them, and it seems to have sticky paws kinna like velcro when TBT pulls them off stuff.  They never been seen here around water, dont make croaking sounds, an did we mention they are as flat as a slice of bread?

TBT says he remembers reading about them invading Maryland a few years ago, and thinks they were called "Cuban Toads", but cant find any good references on the innernets.  If annyone knows what they are, we would love to know.

The toads (2 actually) were in the plant because it had been out on the deck fer the Summer and Fall.  Apparently, the toads decided the plant was a good place to spend the Winter BEFORE TBT decided to bring it inside with the other one (that stayed inside all year).  TBT guesses they detected that Spring was coming by the longer days and began to look for foods.

Mr Puddy and The Misadventures of Me sort of asked about the big plant.  Its a Sansevieria Trifasciata of unknown variety.  TBT got them both at a home project store.  He lucked on the right place to put them.  They seem to love eastern daylight, irregular watering, and little fertilizing.  He is SURE they like the eastern light because after 10 years they started to flower.  The flowers stalks are thin and only 8" high.  The flowers themselfs are like a pencil eraser cut open.  But since they flowered, he plans to leave them in the same spot.

That broken off leef?  It was unusually fancy-colored in greens and creams, TBT cut it into 2" pieces stuck them in some magical rooting powder, and stuck them in some dirt.  We guess he would like more like that.  The older plant parts are mostly just green.  Which makes us worry about all those whiskers he has been saving from us.  You dont spose he is planting them somewhere hoping to grow better-lookin cats do you?  We better make sure we ARENT replacable!