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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Checkin Out Stuff

MARLEY:  Dont mind me.  I'm just checkin out where Ayla has been nappin lately.  She sure loves those bloo things!  She naps there all reglar-like.

It DOES have some comforting smells.  Not my place though.  So I'll just get down and leave it to her.  Good brothers dont introod on the Sisfurs places.

MY place is in the cat-tree cubbyhole.  Thats really the best spot.  The girls just don't realize that.  I'm kinna glad they dont.

OH!  I should mention we all survived the fearsome Hides Of March!  Our safey places were good ones.  And it helped that TBT was patrolling the house.  We dint see a single scarey Brutus...

Gotta run.  Time to think of green things fer St Patty's Day...  Green suits ME better annyway.