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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA: This is a hard time of year for the Garden Tour, but I am doing my best.

There are a few hyacinths trying to bloom well.  They are almost 10 years old (says TBT), and fading away.
This is THE FIRST DAFFODIL patch TBT planted 25 years ago.  He says it was originally 5 bulbs.  They are too crowded now.  Not a single bloom for the first time.  I am telling him to dig them up the hard way. and replant them  He is inclinedtry cutting most of the leaves off and let those few bulbs regrow.  We are discussing the issue.
 A few more old hyacinths blooming.  The flowering will not look like catalog pictures, but TBT is reluctant to dig them up.  He hates digging work and Im pretty sure I cant dig down that far. 
 The other original daffodil patch does continue to flower.  They can be allowed to continue.
Another hyacinth patch blooms.  They look better in real life than this picture.  One of those odd camera failures...
Since we are posting rather late, no after-tour snacks.  We will try to do better in the future.  But annykitty who wants to can come romp on our cat trees with us!  Friday too!