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Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Peep Attack!

MARLEY:  I was sitting by some vole-holes today, when, much to my surprise, a Peep Marathon came thundering through the yard.

It triggered pounce-mode!  And, Duh, I  pounced.  I had whistles blown at me by officials, and that WAS kinna weerd, but I couldn't stop myself.  I pawed and clawed like a madcat.  There were SO many of the little moving things!  Those Peep things went FLYING in all directions.  And I suspect that chihuahua woofie official is not gonna mess with cats again ( I only scratched his nosie, but he went running away yelling fer help).  I swear I didn't bite his paw.  He did that hisself! In frustration.

But it dint seem to stop them Peeps in the least bit!  They just stood up and started running again.  It was like I was just a bump in the road.

I do apologize to runner #227.  I bit its head off and it tasted AWFUL!!!  Squishy and altogether "too sugary".  I won't pounce peeps again, but Im afraid that #227 isn't going to be doin any runs annymore.  Give me a vole or a kibble ANY time...

I have some last werds fer #227.  Ptoo!  Yack, Yack, Ptoo!  Relatives can claim the remains at the Green House here.  And don't worry, I wont touch you a bit...  *yack*...

I have asked TBT to Peep-proof the fence...

We, officially, deport and dement 
That WE witnessed the actal event.
How Marley ascribed it is the way that it went
Cuz he paid us in treats and those treats are all et.

  ~ Ayla and Iza

PEE ESS:  We found a neat reference to a Germanic goddess Oester, who, finding a freezing bird, gave it a bunny's fur to keep it warm.  Hence, the bunny who lays eggs...  We cant find it again to give a link though...