Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

IZA:  Well, it really IS me this time.  We hope you liked our little April Foolie yesserday.

I spent some time outside an decided that the leaf litter was JUST irrestisitable...
It was warm and dry...
 So I made sure to get it ALL over me!
I dint even mind the camera a bit (the flashy was off).
This has to be about the best stuff to roll in EVER!
I could do it all day.
Dont you just LOVE the way the scratchy leaf bits get into the furs?
I could do this all day.  Wait, did I already mention that?
And then TBT rubs me all over with his hands and pushes it through my furs and then gets it all out of my furs and it feels so great.  Days dont get much better that this!