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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  We got the daffodils, but they looks about the same as last week.  So Im bringing ya around to the lesser places this time.

And speaking of "lesser", this is the only pansy flower we have.  TBT planted 12 last Fall, but mebbe too late.  This is all we got.
There are the first tulips here.  The arent happy either.  They should have longer stems, but they hafta bloom early these days.  Cuz of the weerd weather.
 But at least they bloomed.
The hyacinths are as unhappy as the tulips.  TBT says they dont really thrive around here.  The flowers just get smaller each year, then they stop blooming at all.  He says he is gonna put flowers foods on them real soon and see if that helps.  I keep telling him he waits too long each year to do that.  But does he listen to ME?  Hmmph...

The daffodils allus do great.  This one is nice.  Most of them are just yellow and yellow.  I like the ones with differnt colors.
And here is a mystery for you.  Can you figure out what that thing on the leaf is?  The answer tomorrow...