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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Its My Birfday

IZA:  And quite frankly, I wanna have a grand party this year.  Im 5.  Thats one fer each paw toesie, so that MEANS somethin.  I wont be another 5 toesies fer a LONG time!

So lets start!

TBT set up BAGS to hop in an out of!

 He set up boxes to hop in an out of!

We have a HAM!

We got shrimps!

We got drinks!

An TBT promises a cake I cant see yet cuz its a suprize!!!

We got toys of all kind ta play with...

A wide variety...

Wand toys too...

An even a box treat toy!

So I sure hope evrykitty will come on by to help ME cellybrate my 5th one!

Ayla an Marley have agreed to act as hostess an Host, an TBT will be there to keep the food bowls filled, the litterboxes clean, and intervene in anny hissy-fights.

And, dare I say it, we have TWO felliway dispensers active!  Not that we will need them, but they are nice to have.

3:15 UPDATE:  The party will be stopped for 2 minutes at 3:15 EDT in memory of Austin of KAREN JO'S CATS  goin suddenly over the Bridge.  One minute will be silent thoughts, the 2nd minute will be for a collective burst of Purrs Of Comfort for Karen, Spyro, Oja, and Rocio, who miss him terribly...

After that, there will be cake and games in celebration of life.

5:00 UPDATE:  TBT has brought out the FANCY OFFICIAL BIRFDAY NIPCAKES (the earlier treatcake one was just fer snacks).

(Yes, he stole the picture.  But the kitties in it looked so similar to us, there were 5 candles on the cake, and wood floors too, so he just HAD to).  And don't worry, there are several of those cakes, so everykitty gets some bites!

9:30 PM UPDATE:  We are into the competitive games now!  First there was the THoE contest.  The Pikku Punapippurri won that just by the number of them and how they well they all werked together.  And they ALL won (it WAS a group effort).  Well, there wasn't ROOM in the long hallway fer any of the rest of us.  We might have to run a non-punipippurri THoE contest later, MOL!

The King of The Hill Contest was equally undecided, cuz there are 3 cat trees with top platforms and TBT refused to make a decision among them.  But the top 3 cats were Iza (of course, cuz its her birfday), Brooch Czarina, and Shaggy.  The highest spot (on the top of the bookcase) was left symbolically for Austin-Over-the-Bridge by group agreement.  Each got a nip-covered piece of ham.

But the top 3 cats all got special treats.  There was the kitten version, but there were no clear winners cuz none of them knew to stay at the top long enough.  So they ALL won.  Shrimps to all of them.

Next on the list was the Crazy Stairs Race.  We call it that cuz the stairs arent straight.  They go a half floor up, turn around an go another half up.  And in the middle is a big flat place with linoleum.  You cant a grip on the floor making that turn (you really need to push off the front door)!   We figured Marley had to win that, bein esperienced an all, but he got hit by a couple scrabbling kitties who weren't used to how ta make the turn.   Wally from Island Cats and Star from Celestial Kitties both got to the top step in a tie.  Contestants complained that both used them as launching points up the second stairs, but there arent any rules in the game that forbid that.  Both received a cerimonial personal shrimp.

The High Jump Up and (the logical) High Jump Down followup contests will be held later (about 10pm here and judged style-wise by TBT)) and the extremely popular closing ceremony of the "Tossing the Entire Jar of Treats across the Floors" will be around Midnight to close the Birfday off...

Don't miss it! 

10:15 Update:  Well, we are a bit embarassed cuz Ayla won BOTH the Up and Down jumpin contests.  Kinda of tacky fer her to do that, but she HAS wanted ta show off lately.  We'll talk ta her about that.  So EVRYKITTY gets a prize.  Take yer pick of bits of ham or shrimpsies from the BIG BOWL TBT just set down.  An, Heck, there is pizza he can warm up, and we have like, bananers (real ones). an all types of weerd stuffs.

Nip and meowgaritas too...  Yes, it THAT kind of party, but feel free to not, too.

11:55 UPDATE:  Well, its midnight an we are all gonna go to bed.  Annykitty who wants ta stay around a while is welcome to share the BIG bed with us an TBT.  Seriously, he says thats OK.  But fer those who wanna 'port home, there is the ESS in the TV room and the Cube in the puter room.  For those who wanna jump through the TV, thats good too.  

Wow, thanks fer all who came to the party!  I am gonna sleep good tonight thinkin about all my friends who came by or sent good messages.  ~ Iza