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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Vole Patrol

MARLEY:  We are checking out all the likliest vole spots today.
Iza is "OK" at catching them when they are running around, but she isnt very good at remembering where the openings are.  That is MY forte.
I have to keep showing her where they are.  Sometimes I hafta kinna push her in the right direction; sometimes I stare at them until she sees where I am looking, then she comes over.
Big Brothers do that...  Well, OK, technikly, Im not her BIG Brother like "older".  But I am bigger than she is (barely).  Um, dont get me in trubble with the "bigger" stuff.  She is a bit sensitive about that.

UPDATE:  Our dear and perspicatious friend Spitty asked why he dint see any voles caught in our hunt.  Well, sometimes, we dont catch one.  But most often, we just eat what we catch outside.  But we do present proof of our hunts to TBT sometimes just so he knows.  Here is a recent picture.
BTW, TBT is ALSO an enthusiastic vole killer.   Sometimes he is out with us and if it looks like we have lost one and he sees where it is, he stomps those suckers FLAT!  Its not ezactly OUR tecneek, but it sure it effective, ya know?  Though he is not quite a cat (and never CAN be), he does have an admirable effective sense of lethality.  We have ta respect that.