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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sharing the Bloo

IZA:  OK, so we figured out a way to share the BIG BLOO BLANKIE.  Ayla pefers the part on the chair.  I like the bigger space.  And she can levitate up to the bloo towel when she wants (where I cant get to).

OK, its good to share.

An we gotta apologize.  We cant much visit fer a few days.  TBT is all twisted around about gettin Grampa  ready ta move.  He says its not packing stuff, but the endless hours talkin to Grampa about what stuff NOT to move.  He says it is "going around in circles".  And there is the new Hot-as-hell-box to get.  And getting grampa new clothes...  All etc.

We are gonna just lay around...