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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Kibble, The Cage, and the Wardrobe.

Marley:  OK, I made up the Wardrobe part, but it seemed like a good title. 

Thank you all fer comin over to help me get that wayward kibble.  Between all our efforts, we got it out.  And I sure thank you all fer letting me eat it.  It was purrsonal.

And I thank TBT fer tossing MANY treats to my friends who came over to help me get that kibble.  You reached in hard, batted it around hard, and then, THEN, it popped out!  I chewed it with a vengeance!

TBT says he loving tossing treats to all of you who 'ported over in various ways.  He says he was most surprised by the one who came right through the bookcase.

Thank you all!  I NEVER would have got that kibble out of the planter pot on my own.

OOPS!  I don't know why this showed up early, but its OK.  You all just have to read it a whole day.  MOL!  It DID after all refer mostly to Monday...

But I plan to talk to TBT about his scheduling werk...