Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Laundry Hold-Down Crew

A study from 3 views...

TBT:  I had dumped a load of laundry on the bed and taken the pile of shirts to hang up.  As I was doing that, the Mews all came in and selected some of the rest to lay down on.  They told me they were making sure that stuff did not float away or escape while I wasn't looking.

I took a picture of each one of them from the front.

Ayla selected a part of the blue sheet as close to Marley as she could get at the same time.  She loves being on blue.
Iza chose a part of the blue sheet as well, but (naturally) the thicker part of the pile.
Marley prefers being on green, and he found the single green item, a washcloth.  
I have to admit that none of the items floated away or escaped.  But I did have to wait a while before I could put them away...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting Ready

IZA:  TBT is throwin a Bein Party over on HIS BLOG today, so we have been mostly stayin out of the way.  But we have been told to mingle with the guests, so we are all making sure we is all washed nicely and our furs are smooth. 

We decided to cooperate cuz TBT says the guests are all the Beins of our kitty-friends AND there will be treats and toys tossed around!

I am practicin my tummy-rollin, as I want to get lots of tummy-rubs, and treats and toys tossed to me!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Marley, Enjoying The Outside

MARLEY:  I spent all yesserday outside.  I did it well.

I sat at a mousie hole for AN HOUR but none came out.  I think I might have eliminated THAT family.  Then I ran around the yard at top speed.  Several times!  That was good.  TBT tried to catch me in a run, but he has a lousy Canon camera (the battery is just weak alla time) so we only got still pictures today.

I was sitting down then, tired.

But checking the next place to run to!
It feels GOOD to me to run around lots real fast.  I feel like I am overflowing with energy these days.  Well, I AM still only 2 ya know...  I got more energy than Ayla and Iza and TBT combined!  Well, OK, I can't lift the big stuff TBT does, but I still can sure run around the yard more than he can!  Sometimes I just haf ta use it up or go nutso.

You know those nature shows where the Big cat is catching a gazelle?  Thats me catching a tossed kibble in the house.  Well I think of it that way...  If there was a gazelle sized right fer ME here, I would catch it!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Tunnel!

AYLA:  TBT opened a package from up on the closet shelf yesserday.  It from a box marked "unopened toys".  Understandably, we find the concept of there being a box marked "unopened toys" very disturbin, but it is way up where even Ayla cant get to it, so theres nothin we can do to investigate it!

But annyway, look what he took out of it - a Tunnel! 
We were cautious about it at first, but TBT dropped a treat in the middle opening, so Marley HAD to go in after it.
Iza finally went in after one too.  Marley watched carefully...
But she dint go all the way through and backed out.  It makes weerd crinkling sounds!
I stuck my head in, but I decided not to try it yet.
Im just not sure about this.
Marley keeps waiting to see more treats dropped inside...
TBT says he is gonna put it in the bedroom doorway and close the door up against it to encourage us to go all the way through.  We'll see about THAT!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA: Welcome to the Thursday Garden Tour.  First, I wanna show you what TBT did with one tulip what broke its stem and a few fallen-over daffodils.  Neat?  I dint know ya could have those flowers in the house.
So lets go outside.  This tulip was a surprise.  It blooms real late fer around here, but it sure is pretty.  TBT says there used to be a dozen in the patch, but this is the only blooming one left.
The apples are in full bloom,  I like them a lot, but I hate the evil skwerls that take away all the small grren apples.  TBT says he may try a few tricks on them this year.
Here, I am listening carefully to the pansy pot to hear if there are any voles or bad bugs in there.  There arent.
I expect the pansies down in the beds are finally gonna bloom next week cuz I see buds.

But as long as we are up on the deck, let's have some snacks.  Marley is takin care of the snacks this week, so ya never know what ta espect.

Hmmm, Eukanuba kibble, Eukanuba kibble, Eukanuba kibble (his favrit stuff).  But wait, here are some REAL treats, some fresh Nip leafs, and OMC, a bowl of minced ham, and OMC again, some grasshopper  and cream smoothies!  He must have found the first grasshopper of the year and hidden it away just for us...

Good werk, Marley!

I had a personally awful experience with Canon Customer Service, so I would never buy their products again myself

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

IZA: I decided to start doing my lay-on-my-back-with-my-feet-on-wall thing again.  I had stopped doing it for a while.  Dont remember why.
Yes, you may touch your screen and feel my soft minky tummy furs...  You DO have a feel-through monitor, right?
What brought on this return to old habits (I hear you ask)?  Well, TBT bought a long piece of hallway runner carpet to replace the small mat he had before and it needs to be properly furred before he will feel comfortable standing there.  Seriously, he says if there isn't our furs on it, he just doesn't feel right about it.  Do we have him "cat-domesticated" or what?
So I was just doing my best to help him out.  Happy Tuesday to all!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mancat Monday

  MARLEY:  Our Cat Room is gettin back to normal!  The old cat tree TBT made is back in there (gives us TWO rooms with cat trees), the Cube is back, and (best of all) the TurboTrak is back!  He even says he may get a 2nd one to make it bigger and curvier.

Rumor says that there is also one of those cat tunnels hidden away that TBT bought JUST the day before he learned that Grampa was gonna have to come here last May an decided not to open.  Boy I tell you that we are keepin our eyes open fer THAT to show up!

Meanwhile, I spent some time out in the yard checkin out the vole-holes.

 I sure got a big surprise.  It seems the voles made two huge orinj exits.   I sure dint know they could do THAT!!!
Im bein cautious about that.  Either they plan to have a LOT of them run out at once or there is one (two?) BIG one what wants to get out.  But Im watchful an my claws are super sharp right now.

And we don't wanna miss that today is Earth Day:

"Dear Earth, we hope you is OK.  We have been doing our best.  We have been peeing and pooping outside as much as possible lately to return what we eat to you so it wont use up kitty litter that has to go to the "landfill".  We know that it is re-used by you, Earth, and you know what to do with it best.  We are of you, by you, and will return to you ourselfs someday.  In the meantime, please keep providing us with mousies and a few birdies to eat, bugs to chase an sometimes eat.  Keep us well.  We really do appreciate that.  We depend on you (we unnerstand) for the water we drink, the air we breathes, and the things that turn sunlight into plants and the things that eat the plants, that WE eat.  We wouldn't be here without you.

And please, dear Earth, find a way to help the Beins unnerstand that they need you a WHOLE lot more than they think they do.  Or than you need them.  We kitties are a whole lot more closer to you than the Beins, so they need yer help more than we do.  But most of us  kinna need them too, so any help you can give them would be good fer US too. 

So were just, you know, hopin you are feeling OK these days an on THIS day, an wishing you good luck and all.  We would have done a picture, but with all the stuff going on, we forgot the day.  We are sure you will forgive us.  We're just kitties. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  Sometimes I like to take my meals in the most EASY way:

Don't worry, there's nothin wrong with my legs...  Its just a new habit.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Well, it is Caturday HERE even if Blogger doesn't think so.  We are nappin in today.  TBT is playin loud music out in the main area.  He says he needs to but will get over it a a couple days.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Grampa, Revisited

IZA:  Well, gee, TBT got on my case about my seeming to dismiss Grampa as sort of cat-unfriendly.  And I really dint mean it THAT way.  So I wanna correct that.

So, OK he never was a good lap.  But thats mostly cuz he couldnt really make a good one when his feet hadda be on the floor all the time.  We're used to TBT putting a foot up on a knee an making a comfy little circle ta curl up on.  An Grampa couldnt (or wouldnt, I dont know).

BUT, he did sometimes bend way over an give us head scritchies, he would often ask TBT if we had been fed (we would always shout "NO", but TBT of course always knew), and he would tell TBT when we were by the door an wanted ta go out.  He was allowed to let us IN at anny time (and often did) though he wasnt allowed ta let us OUT (TBT was firm about that).  His roller/walker thing was a bit scary sometimes, but he dint move it very fast, so I guess that was OK too.

So we really did appreciate him around sometimes.  An ta prove it, I wanna show ya a couple pictures from the day before he left.  We were out on the deck an I treated him to a few tummy rolls...

He even said I had a "very nice tummy".   So even iffen he DID always refer to us as "dogs" and called us all "he", he was OK.  I still say he could have made some laps, since he WAS sitting in a chair all day [IZA!]  Geez, OK, OK, he was OK an we'll miss him and we hope hes happy where he got moved to!

Can I have some treats NOW?  [We'll let your friends decide that!]

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  First, we should mention that Grampa left today.  TBTs sister and some male came by an they all packed him an his stuffs into a truck and drove off with him.  That was kinna weerd.  But Grampa never was a lap and couldnt even speak the simple Cat that TBT can, so no big loss.  Well, he DID give us head scritchies a few times.

So on with the Garden Tour.  I have some very nice stuffs to show you today.

First, we got these pretty little daffodils.  They are different from the others cuz they got 3 flowers on each stem!  Moast of the others have faded away, but there are some late regular ones that will be bloomin next week.
These are the best tulips.  Fer some reason, these like the spot and keep bloomin year after year.  Most dont around here.
The viburnam shrubs are finally growing enough to show themselfs off!  Look at this one up close.  It almost looks like a ball ya could play with.
Heres one of the whole shrubs of them.  They are kinna scraggly, but with the trees what got cut down they should get more sunlight and send out more branches closer together next year.
Some of the hostas sprung up practicly overnight!  I swear they werent there AT ALL 2 days ago.  There are actally 2 long rows of these.  TBT says he can dig some up and fill in the gaps in the row.
Unfortunately, THESE things ALSO sprung up overnight.  TBT hates them.  I think they are just more flowers, but mebbe TBT just doesnt like flowers in the lawn.
And here in the far back, there are these pretty tulips.  TBT says there used to be 4 paws of toesies of them 20 years ago, but these are about the only ones left.
TBT says that today we can all come in the house an have snacks in Grampas old room (which used to be OUR room and will be again very soon).  Ayla has prepared bowls of treats, bits of ham, bits of poached chick-hen breast, and Nip leafs from the plant TBT over-wintered under lights.  Plus we have a BIG fancy new bowl with Nip leafs in toona juice.  And one bowl of milk fer those of you what like it (we dont actally ourselfs).  And we can run around on the cat trees...

Thanks fer comin on our garden tour today!  An we can start visitin our friends again later.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Kibble, The Cage, and the Wardrobe.

Marley:  OK, I made up the Wardrobe part, but it seemed like a good title. 

Thank you all fer comin over to help me get that wayward kibble.  Between all our efforts, we got it out.  And I sure thank you all fer letting me eat it.  It was purrsonal.

And I thank TBT fer tossing MANY treats to my friends who came over to help me get that kibble.  You reached in hard, batted it around hard, and then, THEN, it popped out!  I chewed it with a vengeance!

TBT says he loving tossing treats to all of you who 'ported over in various ways.  He says he was most surprised by the one who came right through the bookcase.

Thank you all!  I NEVER would have got that kibble out of the planter pot on my own.

OOPS!  I don't know why this showed up early, but its OK.  You all just have to read it a whole day.  MOL!  It DID after all refer mostly to Monday...

But I plan to talk to TBT about his scheduling werk...

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Wayward Kibble

MARLEY:  TBT was tossin kibbles around at dinner, and one bounced to where I couldn't pull it out. 
Its IN THERE!   An I can't GET it...  I can touch it, I can see it, but I cant LIFT it!
Annyone wanna help me get it out?  

I don't know how to share a single kibble, but TBT says he will toss a few more iffen ya help me get THIS one out!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sharing the Bloo

IZA:  OK, so we figured out a way to share the BIG BLOO BLANKIE.  Ayla pefers the part on the chair.  I like the bigger space.  And she can levitate up to the bloo towel when she wants (where I cant get to).

OK, its good to share.

An we gotta apologize.  We cant much visit fer a few days.  TBT is all twisted around about gettin Grampa  ready ta move.  He says its not packing stuff, but the endless hours talkin to Grampa about what stuff NOT to move.  He says it is "going around in circles".  And there is the new Hot-as-hell-box to get.  And getting grampa new clothes...  All etc.

We are gonna just lay around...