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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  First, we should mention that Grampa left today.  TBTs sister and some male came by an they all packed him an his stuffs into a truck and drove off with him.  That was kinna weerd.  But Grampa never was a lap and couldnt even speak the simple Cat that TBT can, so no big loss.  Well, he DID give us head scritchies a few times.

So on with the Garden Tour.  I have some very nice stuffs to show you today.

First, we got these pretty little daffodils.  They are different from the others cuz they got 3 flowers on each stem!  Moast of the others have faded away, but there are some late regular ones that will be bloomin next week.
These are the best tulips.  Fer some reason, these like the spot and keep bloomin year after year.  Most dont around here.
The viburnam shrubs are finally growing enough to show themselfs off!  Look at this one up close.  It almost looks like a ball ya could play with.
Heres one of the whole shrubs of them.  They are kinna scraggly, but with the trees what got cut down they should get more sunlight and send out more branches closer together next year.
Some of the hostas sprung up practicly overnight!  I swear they werent there AT ALL 2 days ago.  There are actally 2 long rows of these.  TBT says he can dig some up and fill in the gaps in the row.
Unfortunately, THESE things ALSO sprung up overnight.  TBT hates them.  I think they are just more flowers, but mebbe TBT just doesnt like flowers in the lawn.
And here in the far back, there are these pretty tulips.  TBT says there used to be 4 paws of toesies of them 20 years ago, but these are about the only ones left.
TBT says that today we can all come in the house an have snacks in Grampas old room (which used to be OUR room and will be again very soon).  Ayla has prepared bowls of treats, bits of ham, bits of poached chick-hen breast, and Nip leafs from the plant TBT over-wintered under lights.  Plus we have a BIG fancy new bowl with Nip leafs in toona juice.  And one bowl of milk fer those of you what like it (we dont actally ourselfs).  And we can run around on the cat trees...

Thanks fer comin on our garden tour today!  An we can start visitin our friends again later.