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Friday, April 19, 2013

Grampa, Revisited

IZA:  Well, gee, TBT got on my case about my seeming to dismiss Grampa as sort of cat-unfriendly.  And I really dint mean it THAT way.  So I wanna correct that.

So, OK he never was a good lap.  But thats mostly cuz he couldnt really make a good one when his feet hadda be on the floor all the time.  We're used to TBT putting a foot up on a knee an making a comfy little circle ta curl up on.  An Grampa couldnt (or wouldnt, I dont know).

BUT, he did sometimes bend way over an give us head scritchies, he would often ask TBT if we had been fed (we would always shout "NO", but TBT of course always knew), and he would tell TBT when we were by the door an wanted ta go out.  He was allowed to let us IN at anny time (and often did) though he wasnt allowed ta let us OUT (TBT was firm about that).  His roller/walker thing was a bit scary sometimes, but he dint move it very fast, so I guess that was OK too.

So we really did appreciate him around sometimes.  An ta prove it, I wanna show ya a couple pictures from the day before he left.  We were out on the deck an I treated him to a few tummy rolls...

He even said I had a "very nice tummy".   So even iffen he DID always refer to us as "dogs" and called us all "he", he was OK.  I still say he could have made some laps, since he WAS sitting in a chair all day [IZA!]  Geez, OK, OK, he was OK an we'll miss him and we hope hes happy where he got moved to!

Can I have some treats NOW?  [We'll let your friends decide that!]