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Monday, April 22, 2013

Mancat Monday

  MARLEY:  Our Cat Room is gettin back to normal!  The old cat tree TBT made is back in there (gives us TWO rooms with cat trees), the Cube is back, and (best of all) the TurboTrak is back!  He even says he may get a 2nd one to make it bigger and curvier.

Rumor says that there is also one of those cat tunnels hidden away that TBT bought JUST the day before he learned that Grampa was gonna have to come here last May an decided not to open.  Boy I tell you that we are keepin our eyes open fer THAT to show up!

Meanwhile, I spent some time out in the yard checkin out the vole-holes.

 I sure got a big surprise.  It seems the voles made two huge orinj exits.   I sure dint know they could do THAT!!!
Im bein cautious about that.  Either they plan to have a LOT of them run out at once or there is one (two?) BIG one what wants to get out.  But Im watchful an my claws are super sharp right now.

And we don't wanna miss that today is Earth Day:

"Dear Earth, we hope you is OK.  We have been doing our best.  We have been peeing and pooping outside as much as possible lately to return what we eat to you so it wont use up kitty litter that has to go to the "landfill".  We know that it is re-used by you, Earth, and you know what to do with it best.  We are of you, by you, and will return to you ourselfs someday.  In the meantime, please keep providing us with mousies and a few birdies to eat, bugs to chase an sometimes eat.  Keep us well.  We really do appreciate that.  We depend on you (we unnerstand) for the water we drink, the air we breathes, and the things that turn sunlight into plants and the things that eat the plants, that WE eat.  We wouldn't be here without you.

And please, dear Earth, find a way to help the Beins unnerstand that they need you a WHOLE lot more than they think they do.  Or than you need them.  We kitties are a whole lot more closer to you than the Beins, so they need yer help more than we do.  But most of us  kinna need them too, so any help you can give them would be good fer US too. 

So were just, you know, hopin you are feeling OK these days an on THIS day, an wishing you good luck and all.  We would have done a picture, but with all the stuff going on, we forgot the day.  We are sure you will forgive us.  We're just kitties.