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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

IZA: I decided to start doing my lay-on-my-back-with-my-feet-on-wall thing again.  I had stopped doing it for a while.  Dont remember why.
Yes, you may touch your screen and feel my soft minky tummy furs...  You DO have a feel-through monitor, right?
What brought on this return to old habits (I hear you ask)?  Well, TBT bought a long piece of hallway runner carpet to replace the small mat he had before and it needs to be properly furred before he will feel comfortable standing there.  Seriously, he says if there isn't our furs on it, he just doesn't feel right about it.  Do we have him "cat-domesticated" or what?
So I was just doing my best to help him out.  Happy Tuesday to all!