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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA: Welcome to the Thursday Garden Tour.  First, I wanna show you what TBT did with one tulip what broke its stem and a few fallen-over daffodils.  Neat?  I dint know ya could have those flowers in the house.
So lets go outside.  This tulip was a surprise.  It blooms real late fer around here, but it sure is pretty.  TBT says there used to be a dozen in the patch, but this is the only blooming one left.
The apples are in full bloom,  I like them a lot, but I hate the evil skwerls that take away all the small grren apples.  TBT says he may try a few tricks on them this year.
Here, I am listening carefully to the pansy pot to hear if there are any voles or bad bugs in there.  There arent.
I expect the pansies down in the beds are finally gonna bloom next week cuz I see buds.

But as long as we are up on the deck, let's have some snacks.  Marley is takin care of the snacks this week, so ya never know what ta espect.

Hmmm, Eukanuba kibble, Eukanuba kibble, Eukanuba kibble (his favrit stuff).  But wait, here are some REAL treats, some fresh Nip leafs, and OMC, a bowl of minced ham, and OMC again, some grasshopper  and cream smoothies!  He must have found the first grasshopper of the year and hidden it away just for us...

Good werk, Marley!

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