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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Marley, Enjoying The Outside

MARLEY:  I spent all yesserday outside.  I did it well.

I sat at a mousie hole for AN HOUR but none came out.  I think I might have eliminated THAT family.  Then I ran around the yard at top speed.  Several times!  That was good.  TBT tried to catch me in a run, but he has a lousy Canon camera (the battery is just weak alla time) so we only got still pictures today.

I was sitting down then, tired.

But checking the next place to run to!
It feels GOOD to me to run around lots real fast.  I feel like I am overflowing with energy these days.  Well, I AM still only 2 ya know...  I got more energy than Ayla and Iza and TBT combined!  Well, OK, I can't lift the big stuff TBT does, but I still can sure run around the yard more than he can!  Sometimes I just haf ta use it up or go nutso.

You know those nature shows where the Big cat is catching a gazelle?  Thats me catching a tossed kibble in the house.  Well I think of it that way...  If there was a gazelle sized right fer ME here, I would catch it!