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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Tunnel Monster

Safe within my Tube Of Safety, I wait for a passer-by to pounce.
No passers-by, hmmm...
I better hide a bit better.
Failing anny passers-by, I backed out to a new spot.  So, OF COURSE one shows up immediately!  There is Marley, watching me through the tunnel.  Its good, Ive planned for this.  When he runs through the tunnel, I will leap at him just before he comes out.  Trapped in the confines of the tunnel, he will go all "ACK, cant jump up, cant go sideways, ACK"!
But he surprises me and runs AROUND the Tunnel Of Doom.  Fortunately, I give him a major lazer blast and he stops in his tracks.
I will hafta rethink my tunnel strategy though...