Thursday, May 02, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Fer todays garden tour, we are startin in the house.  TBT has the last tulip with some of the last scented daffydils.  This time he has a couple more daffdils.

OK, now to the outside!  Here we have a wave petunia that TBT dug up last Fall an over-wintered unner lights in the basement.  So it has a great start on the flowering season.  He even has some cutting what are ready to start flowering too, but they is inside.

This is a creeping phlox.  TBT planted 5 of them years ago, but this is the only one what survived.  It seems to be real happy here.
The common  hostas are growin good.
The grape hyacinths are recoverin from being beat down when the trees were cut down in January.  I like the pretty little purple flowers.
The first asparagus is up.  But TBT thinks they are about all wore out.  Apparently, these things live about as long as us kitties and they were planted before Skeeter came here.  So they is REAL old and need to be replaced.  But at least one is still werkin.
The azaleas are startin ta bloom.
The pansies are FINALLY startin ta bloom good too.
The red azaleas are kickin in to high gear too.
The coreopsis moonbeams are emerging nicely among the wild violets.  That should be a good show soon.
This is Brunnera.  We grow them fer the leafs.  There ARE flowers, but not much to look at.  TBT says he is glad there are FINALLY enough of the larger one to divide and replant.  I pawed through the leafs pretty carefully and think he can divide that big one in thirds.  He was very thankful fer my advice.
Im thinking of taking the Master Gardener test.  Do you think I have any chance of passing?

Meanwhile, TBT has taken on the snack duties today.  Ayla an Marley are just nappin the day away on the deck.  So it is pretty standard stuff.  Ham bits, Greenie treats, Nip leafs, an cream.  Oh wait, he has brought out bits of actal pork fat!  And he says he will toss some treats around inside iffen ya all wanna come in after the snacks.  Even better, the deck door stays open a kitty-width so we can come and go as we please!

Try out the new tunnel...