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Friday, May 03, 2013

An Adventure!

IZA:  My darling Spittikins visited me for an adventure yesserday!  I dint tell him what it was to be cuz it was a SURPRISE!

He came by in his Furrari and we drove off fer a ride.
Thats when I told him "turn here"  And "here".  And then finally "here".

Ya shoulda seen the look on his face when I told him we were goin on a Big Balloon Ride! 
He gulped a coupla times, but he is a BIG BRAVE MANCAT so he went with me.

I had found the BEST balloon!
We both climbed in the balloon basket.  It was a special 1.5 kitty basket, so it was snug.  OK, I did sorta plan it that way...
So then they attached the balloon, and UP we went.   I had arranged a sky-view tour of Washington DC!

On the way, we drifted over a dog park in the suburbs.  We both peed over the side,  MOL!  Well, you dont get a chance like that very often, right?  I tried fer a poop too, but I hadnt eaten much that morning.  Talk about lost opportunities...
But we finally got over Washington DC (and I must mention that BO got us special permission fer all this - hes a good dog).  We saw the Capitol Building (or is that Capital, I can never keep those weerd Bein spelling rools straight).
Then there was the Jefferson Memorial.  We liked that it was so round.  I told Spitty one of Grampas favorite old sayings "Head fer the roundhouse Nellie, he cant corner you there"!  No I dont unnerstand it either, but TBT claims to.
The breezes brought us over the Lincoln Memorial.  I thought they mebbe made fancy cars in there, but I had a cell phone with me an TBT said it was another special president.  This place seems to be full of them.
Drifting southerly, we got a good look at the Pentagon.  Even BO couldnt get us permission to go right OVER it an thats probly just as well.  Sure is a weerd shape place though.
And we had the good luck to drift north to see The White House.  Well it sure is white.  Spitty and I tossed a couple of milky-bones onto the yard for BO.  We really werent sposed to get that close, but balloons are kinna hard to control.  
TBT was still on the cell phone an told Spitty to pull on some ropes to get us away from there.  Spitty did that purrfectly!  He really is a multi-talented mancat!  OK, he tossed a small hairball after leanin out so far from the basket, but who wouldnt.  I mean, I woulda hacked up a whole weeks worth of mousies!

We finally landed back where we started.  It was partly a teleport thing...  Then we drove back to my place.

In the green house, we had a nice long calming down time.   Mostly, we sat together at the open deck door (screen closed).  Of course I flopped over so Spitty could rest his weary over-ecited head on my soft tummy.  We were both happy like that fer a hour.

Then TBT tossed some treats around so that Spitty could chase them.  Marley, Ayla, an I stayed away from them so Spitty could have fun.

Then he had to drive off in his furrari.

Best. Day. Ever.