Sunday, May 05, 2013

I Was A Bad Boy

MARLEY:  TBT opened the deck door around 8 pm yesterday to let the cool air in, knowing the screen door was closed, so we could get cool whiffies.  Guess what, the screen door wasnt!  I was out like a shot.  Hey, I have always wanted ta be out at night and I saw my chance.  TBT immediately went out after me, calling to me calmly but I kept walking away from him.  After a few minutes, he decided to leave me alone, knowing I would get hungry and come back in.

I didnt, and around 1 am, he started looking and calling for me seriously.  I heard him!  I just dint wanna come back in.  I heard him walking the streets and calling, but I was busy hunting (and catching) mousies.  He was even shaking the treat jar, but what is a treat worth compared to a warm squeeking mousie?

He finally gave up around 3 pm.  I know cuz I watched how far the moon moved.  Ayla told me today that he said bad werds and finally tossed himself into bed after giving her and Iza good foods.  But I was OUT of the yard in the dark an loving it.  I wandered even farther than TBT did searching fer me.  But I know where home is so I went back right after he did.  MOL, if he had turned around a couple times, he would have seen me.

It did get a bit uncomfy later.  I could hear owls calling about looking fer food, and it got kinna chilly outside.  But Im a healthy young mancat and wasnt cold or scared.  It JUST so happens I decided to sleep unner the low deck not having ANNYTHING to do with the owls who mistakenly think that we cats look a lot like rabbits!  Complete coincidence...
Annyway, I was a bit happy to hear TBT open the deck door around 10 am.  I was getting a bit tired of napping on the cold ground with those annoying ever-wandering ants.  One of them even BIT me!  So I went marching right inside, demanded treats when TBT picked me up (I don't really like being held) and them went and slept on the warm waterbed all day.

Later in the afternoon, TBT opened the door (casting a baleful eye in my direction) for Ayla an Iza.  I walked out on the deck fer a few minutes, but went back in fer more stinky goodness and nappin (in my cat tree cubbyhole this time) and ignored the open deck door.
Indoors is good.

You know, owls are a bit worrisome.  I saw one smash down in the back yard while I was unner the low deck and heard a terrible screechin sound.  A rabbit or mebbe a skwerl.  Bigger than a mousie, annyway.  Something more like my size annyway.  Hmmm...  I was glad fer the low deck.  Not that I was scared, mind you.  Just innerested.  Not innerested enough ta go out and look mind you.  But I think I will stay inside after dark.  Just sayin its a bit "differnt" out there at night...