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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

High Eating

AYLA:  I like to sniff my food and come back later ta eat it, and Iza will eat all the food she can get at as fast as she can.  So TBT has been putting food up high fer me.  I feel safer eating up there too.  Iza cant get up there AT ALL!
 Marley can though.  Not as easily as I do, but he can get up there.  Its OK though.  He eats his bowl of foods and is happy with that fer a while.  He only gets up there much later to see if there is anny left ta clean up.  Im a member of the Clean Bowl Club, but sometimes Im not VERY hungry and leave a little and Marley gets that.

Plus, I like eatin up there later cuz Iza is sittin below hearing me eat an it drives her CRAZY when she knows there is food an she cant GET at it.   Heh-Heh!

[edited to add that there is a towel on the shoes and I put a regular food bowl on the towel - TBT]