Thursday, May 09, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA: Welcome to this weeks garden tour!  I have some neat stuff to show ya today.

The pansies are bloomin their pretty little heads off (finally).  But notice the red flowers in the front.  TBT planted the Wave Petunia he dug up last Fall and kept alive unner lights.  So it is happily back outside in REAL sun again.  I am hopin fer great spreadin flowers this season.
The garden path, on the other paw, needs some werk.  I had to HOP over some of the weeds there.
And the path is not the ONLY problem.  See those "strawberry" leafs with the little yeller flowers?  Thats a "mock strawberry" and they are EVERYWHERE.  THEY really gotta go!
Some of the tomaters are happy in their new composty bed.  TBT planted them early cuz its warmer right against the house.
Take a good look up close.  They been inna ground several days and gone through a thunderstorm already an still look good.  That clip helps them stay up while they get used to the new situation.  BTW, the clips are fun ta bat around in the basement.
The evil Lysimachia are growin.  They look BOOTIFUL with the purple leafs an have nice little yeller flowers, but they spread an take over evrywhere.  They are contained with some deep edgin plastic stuff fer now.  TBT says he should pot them up an sell them ta Beins he doesnt like. But actally, he has some plan about where ta put them where they wont be a problem.  More on that in a future tour...
Next to the evil Lysimachia are the Stokes Aster.  They have BOOTIFUL bloo flowers later.  They look really nice by the small pond.  And you can see the Skeeter and LC memorials in the background.  I stop by there often.
The columbines are bloomin too.  Ignore that grassy stuff; I'll remind TBT to weed them out tomorrow.  I know he cant do evrything at once, but I DO have to keep after him on that stuff.
Sorry the ground was a bit damp.  It rained fer 3 days.  But the good news is that we have cool snacks up on the deck.  Ayla looked through the fridge (OK, TBT held her up there while she looked - we have one of those kinds with the coldest part on the bottom, so the GOOD stuff is up a bit higher).  She found HAM!  And pork cubes with FAT on them!  Marley considered that an decided that cool pond water with NIP blended in would be the best drink (well isnt it always?)  The slight fishie taste (from the goldfish) is a good complent to the fresh Nip. 

After the snacks, we can go inside an you can all help us finish shredding the Ess so TBT can re-cover it to go along with the NEW one he has to buy (by populer vote). 

A Flashback Friday On Wensday

May 9, 2012 flashback...

Ayla:  OK, TBT found himself totally without anny new pictures cuz hes been outside gardening and cleaning up the puter room AND the basement an he dint know WHAT to do. *   We dint even have anny good garden tour pictures onna count its been raining mostly 3 days now and we arent goin out in the rain!

So he wondered what we were all doing this day LAST year.  So here is what we were doin...

"IZA: Oh mousie-droppings!  TBT is gettin artsy.  I was just sitting on the cat tree...

An one picture turned out really weerd.  Of COURSE, that was the one he noticed...   Forgive him, he knows not what he is doing.
As IF I would willingly be in such a artsy-fartsy triangle...

Note, though, that I am always all wide-eyed.  That's just how I look alla time.  Ayla squints (cross-eyed?),  Marley does love-eyes, I am wide-eyed...

To each our own."
* and played RISK puter games all evening (by a system he read about an it WERKS).  He got nearly the maximum points 4 of 5 games.

[Ayla:  I watched him play, an he should have his head shaved fer losin that one game.  He made really MOUSIE moves twice inna row.  OK, we all were bugging him all over the keyboard, but that's no escuse!]

[Oops this should have been "Flashback Wensday" but we are so used to thinkin "flashback friday" that it slipped by us.  Its like if Marley did a "mancat thursday", MOL!]