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Friday, May 10, 2013

Freaky Friday

TBT:  GLOOM...  This post is without pictures.  Because I LOST THEM (pictures, not the Mews).  And they were GREAT!  I was on the computer last night and the Mews were all sitting in a triangle with their heads together and they were engaged in a 3-way mutual head licking session.  I took a dozen pictures with the old camera (only one in reach).

I uploaded the pictures to iPhoto and saw them there.  Then I uploaded some pictures from the new camera.  Somewhere in the process, the previous ones disappeared.  Well, OK, I've never uploaded pictures from 2 memory cards at the same time, and that is likely the problem.  But I sure hope those mutual grooming pictures are lost SOMEWHERE on the computer.  Because if they are anywhere there, I am going to search for them.  But I fear they got "over-written" somehow. 

I'll describe them...  Ayla was licking Marley's head, Marley was licking Iza's head, and Iza was licking Ayla's head.  I've never seen 3 cats doing that in my life.  And I HAD pictures.

I sure hope I can find them somewhere, lost in the computer...