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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Caturday Activities

MARLEY:  I got behind the TV stand today searching fer a wayward kibble TBT threw carelesslly (he is SPOSED to toss them in plain sight).  It was a tight fit fer me...

TBT got cutesy with THIS pic.
But I look much better wif my natural colors.  It sure was tight in there though.  Ayla can just trot right through there!  I dont know HOW she does that.
An there were all those wires in the way.
But I found it and ATE it!  No kibble will EVER escape my search...

I should esplain.  TBT tosses kibbles around fer us ta chase and catch an eat.  We LOVE THAT, it is about the funnest game EVER!  But as he tries to play foolies on us by tossin them in strange places some get inna place hard to find.  Ayla an Iza just ignore those.  But I LOVE them so dearly, I hunt them down.  Sometimes it takes MINNUTS!  But I figure that is just part of the game.