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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Easy Like Sunday, and Pictures Gone

AYLA:  Well, first, I gotta say that the REALLY NEAT PICTURES of us lickin each others heads alla same time seem to be really really gone.  TBT searched evrywhere.  First, he tried reloading the old camera memory card (there were no pictures there).  He looked through all the file directories ("Finder" on a Mac) in evryway he could think of, discovered that iPhoto had some 3500+ pictures stored in a special trash file that had never been emptied, and searched EVRY SINGLE ONE, an looked through ALL the saved iPhoto "events" (individual batches of original pictures).  They dont seem ta be annywhere.

When pictures are uploaded to iPhoto, the usual routine is to upload them, see them there, then delete them from the camera memory card.  That has never ever failed to werk before.  The pictures are in iPhoto fer processing an all werks fine.  The best he can guess, he uploaded those pictures from the old camera, saw them in iPhoto, then uploaded pictures from the new camera, overwriting the old camera ones.  He suspects he had never done 2 memory cards inna row before processing the first batch and is pretty sure he wont do that again.  But he may test that situation with some meaningless pictures taken for the test.

He says he is a big believer in the laws of some Bein named Murphy what says baddest things happen to stuff most important.  Like, iffen ya leave a coffee cup on top of the car, it will be yer favrit one.  Or iffen ya oversleep ONE time all year, it will be when ya had a very important early meeting.  Stuff like that.  I think theres a book.

Enough about that.  Spilled cream over the dam an unner the bridge or something like that, etc...

So we are takin it easy this morning.  Marley an Iza are nappin together on the squishy waterbed.
Marley likes the "prawn"; Iza stays more traditional.  
Im watchin from above.  Ive been likin bein up higher the past few months.  TBT says he wont be surprised iffen I start climbing trees again.  Its not that I dont wanna nap with them, I just really am getting back ta heights again.  I eat up there most of the time too. 
But TBT isnt worried.  I am nappin down with them most of the time.  Just not today.  Princesses get to make choices like that!  Especially ones what are way smaller than the peasants...

So today is an Easy Sunday for all here.  Ecept TBT of course.  He is out werkin in the yard.