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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Straw Hat Wensday

OK, we swear onna stack of mousies, we dint plan it to come out like this, REELY.  We were all arguin about who should wear the straw hat fer the today holiday.

ALL US:  WE sure werent gonna do the Straw Hat Wensday, we HATE wearin stuff!  We told TBT HE should since it WAS his straw hat an all. 

But HE dint wanna get pictured, either.    But he keeps a yeller towel with him fer when werking hard in the yard,  An he hangs it over a big moon bulb floor lamp inna corner.  And lately, he sticks his straw hat on there too when he comes in.  So while we were arguing about who should wear the straw hat, MARLEY asked who was that cute Bein in the corner. 

Marley is sneaky about solvin problems that way...

Well, we all looked, an the yeller towel an the hat DID look sort of like a Bein, so TBT got a sharpie pen an drew a (sort of) face on it. 

Sooooo.....  Here is OUR Straw Hat Day pictures...

Kinna cute, issnt she?

Marley is one DIPLOMATICALLY DEVIOUS DUDE!  You can see why he holds the place together.  ~ Ayla, Iza, and TBT