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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to this weeks garden tour.  Please come along an Ill show ya whats bloomin this week!  BTW, that tall grass in front of me isnt unmowed, its the seedheads of the blue fescue border.  But I will hafta remind TBT to trim them off.
 First, we have the Spring Flowerin Almond bush.  They wernt bloomin last week and here they are all fadin away already.  Some years they bloom better than others.
On the other paw, the Columbines have been bloomin longer than usual, which is nice.  I like the way the flowers bloom way up high on skinny little stems.
This is the most dense part of the perennial bed.  All these plants just keep growing year after year so thick that there are no weeds fer TBT ta hafta pull.  He LOVES that!
Ill also have ta remind TBT that there are altogether too many weeds in the vegtable garden pathways.  Its annoyin ta have ta hop over them alla time.

The Pansies are bloomin real nice now.  They finally caught up after bein planted kinna late last Fall.  An notice the red an white Wave Petunia.  TBT dug it up last Fall and grew it inside all Winter.  There are 2 cuttings of it there too, but they are still small an got no flowers yet.
Ya can see it better up close like this.  It should spread out an fill an area the size of a trash can lid in a few months!
The Azaleas dint do much this year an bloomed just a few at a time this year.  These are the last ones.
And finally, this is my favrit Hosta.  I like the color patterns.  The purplish plant next to it is a Japanese Painted Fern.  We have a bunch of them scattered around the hosta bed.
Ayla says there are snacks out on the patio unner the deck.  Its a bit warm today so the shade will feel good.  Plus its nice an dusty-dry fer rollin around.  She is keepin the snacks simple today.  She has brought out some Stinky Goodness (Wellness an Avoderm) to try out iffen ya havent had those before.  Plus there is real treats an nip-water.