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Friday, May 17, 2013


TBT:  You know how sometimes the cats all have good spots to sleep though the night?  And not on you sometimes?  And sometimes you don't worry about that?  And you know you got them in before dark?

What if you forgot where they were?

I forgot yesterday.

I had a very peaceful night in bed.   But at 6 am I suddenly woke up and realized they WEREN'T in the house.  I nomally just KNOW where they all are.  I was stunned.  I ran out onto the deck in my underwear and there they were all sleeping happily on the deck near the door.

They woke up. stretched and sauntered inside as if it was normal.  Oh man, did they eat a lot of food though.  And even Marley didn't complain when I picked him up afterwards!

We all went to bed after that for another 5 hours.  We all slept like logs.  Marley and Iza were under the blankets with me, and Ayla was on top of my legs as she prefers for some unaccountable reason.

I can't believe that I lost track of where they were.  In 45 years of cats, that has never happened before.  I sure hope it never happens again...

Freaky Friday

MARLEY:  TBT tried to get us all in one picture.  Well, we WERE all in a row. There I was on TBTs lap, Iza on the otto-man, and Ayla on the TV stand.  She likes to watch the TV eyeball to screen.  She keeps hoping fer golf cuz she loves to watch the little ball move around.
Ayla isnt yackin here.   It was a yawn.  (Just made ya yawn, right?)  Stuff blowin up doesnt innerest her, but golf balls do.  Girlcats...  I loved the esplosions.  Bright fancy colors!
Iza doesnt seem ta care about annythin on the TV.  Come ta think about it, I'm not sure she has EVER paid the least attention to stuff on the TV.  TBT says he is gonna put the catsitter DVD on sometime soon to see iffen she even pays attention to the mousies an birdies.  Ayla an I sure do!