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Monday, May 20, 2013

Mancat Monday - Chair Tent

MARLEY:  You wont beleeve it, my old chair tent re-appeared today!
I ran RIGHT IN!  Oh chair tent, I missed you so much while Grampa was here.  He took over my chair, ya know?  Now dont unnerstand wrong, I allowed that.  He did need a chair ya know.  But I sure was happy ta see it reappear.

Iza tried to push her way in, but I dint allow that, I whapped her from unnerneath rather fiercly and she apologized an ran away.  Shes actally a good sisfur, she just thinks shes in charge of evrything.  Sometimes I just have to remind her that shes not.
An I am SO HAPPY about seeing it again that TBT says I can post about it fer DAYS!