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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chair Tent 2

MARLEY: Hmm, Iza is jealouser than I realized.  She is tryin to tear my chair tent down!
She IS pretty good at tearing stuff apart...  You should see what she does to egg-cartons!
So she got down at the floor and "did her thing".
Fortunately, TBT intervened an made her stop.  That was good cuz I never want to raise a paw at my sisfurs.  That wouldnt be right.  TBT says I should just "take it" an discuss it later.   
And I DID!  We had a fambly meeting and Iza pologized.  Well considerin she was caught on camera, she dint have much choice.  It wasnt so much what she DID, it was that she recognized that she did wrong.  My chair tent is very important to me and I need TBT to fix it back up right.  I cant do it myself...

Of course, she never changes, but ya have ta accept that from yer furblings.    They are what they are.

Oh, Im sposed to mention that TBT is sufferred another birfday yesserday.  I think he is a squillion now.  Mebbe a squillion and elebenty-something.   He is 5x our total full year ages +3 today.  Can you guess his age?  Should we order a cane fer him on Amazon?