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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:   Hi there!  Glad you could visit to come along on todays garden tour.  I have some VERY pretty flowers ta show.  With the warming weather, the rains, and the sun, some of the plants are bloomin their little flowerheads off!

First, I want to show ya the star of todays tour.  Isnt that bootiful?  Its a single Clematis flower that poked through the Nandina shrubs.  Its the same kind (but not the same plant) what is in our header.  We lost the name of it.
Close to it and down low here is a clump of Spiderwort.  Lots of English plants end in "wort" (TBT tells me) and means "cures it".
Over here is the Wave Petunia TBT overwintered.  The stems are gettin longer and there are new buds forming.  Iffen it does well this year, there will be a 2' circle of flowers by late Summer!
And here we have a cheerful little Pansy full of happy little faces!  I told TBT that, next year, he should plant a purple one an a yeller one in the same hole and get both colors together.  He dint look too thrilled about buying twicet as many Pansies this Fall, BUT I could see his face imaginin the way they would look.  MOL, readin his face is SO EASY...
This is the one lone survivor of a patch planted way before I got here.  We dont know its name and it grows from one single stem so we cant divide it an get more.  I just hope it keeps showin up again each year.
Lets see, whats next...
One last Columbine here is still bloomin.  I wish we had more of THAT one!
This Rose is the last of a bed TBT planted when he moved here.  WAY before my time.  Before Skeeters time, in fact.  He gave up on them cuz those Japanese Beetles ate them all up.  But this one blooms really early, before those beetles wake up all hungry.
Now lets go up on the deck fer treats an ta talk about the flowers.  Marley was a little bit annoyed at the common stuff Ayla offerred last week, so he "offerred" to do the catering this week.  Lets see what he chosen...

Ooh, we have HAM and Chick-hen cubes, bits of cheese, and some fancy treats.  Fer drinks, we have toona juice, rainwater-blended-with-Nip (from the freshly-cleaned rain gauge), and some heavy cream!  Way ta go, Marley!